The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog

My copy of the book has lost it’s new book scent. It is now a charming combination of pencils, crayons, and general classroom odors.

The much loved “Pigeon” series by Mo Willems is a classic in its own time,at least on the elememtary school circuit. If you have not seen or read one of these books do so at your earliest convenience!!! And I say, “you’re welcome” in advance.

In The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog we learn a  bit more about pigeon’s personality and his problem with sharing, specifically a hot dog he has found on the ground. We are also treated to the manipulative abilities of a small, yellow, deceptively cute little duckling.

Willems has the ability to squeeze adult personalities into childlike, illustrated characters. Adults will find something disturbingly familiar in the frustrated rantings of the pigeon and the comically cloying manipulations of the duckling. Children will delight in being ‘in’ on the joke of pigeon’s large overreactions.Willem’s deftly illustrates his simple stories to provide maximum laughs.

The book is ideal for children in the primary grades and adults who read books repeatedly to them. I will personally use this blog as an excuse to reread all of the books in the series to my class. I think they enjoy it almost as much as I do!

Cheap in paperback but you will reread them until they fray at the edges!


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