What Will Fat Cat Sit On?

My copy of the book smells like brand new glossy pages. It is the smell of the unopened boxes of the Scholastic book fair when it comes to your school.

The title of this gem by Jan Thomas says it all. The entire book is an attempt to discover what fat cat will sit on. An Agatha Christie mystery, it is not, but it is more than entertaining. Through a series of questions the reader attempts to ascertain whether or not this plump feline will sit on any number of other animal characters in the book. Mouse,cow, chicken, pig, and dog all eventually have their worries of being crushed assuaged. But they are left to determine exactly what that fat, fat cat will sit on.  This book is great for smaller children who will revel in the repetition of   the “Will fat cat sit on…”? phrase. Everyone can enjoy the comically panicked expressions of the animals vividly illustrated by Jan Thomas. This is a great gift book for a small child and the person who will spend hours reading and rereading it to them. This book is also a treat for adults who enjoy silly cartoon illustrations, people with jobs that keep them up late and sleepless and therefore more easily amused. (though I suppose that is repetitive since I already said parents would enjoy reading the book and parents are the most sleepless set of people I know.)

Cheap. Funny. Snag it!


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