The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

My copy of the book smells like the thrift shop it came from. Musty, but in a nice way. It calls to mind images of warm and rainy summer days, stolen away with a good book in a quiet corner of an attic room.

You will soon learn that I am a crier, happy tears, sad tears, and all the sorts of tears in between and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane gets me every time. I have to warn my second graders that I am going to cry at certain parts I read and that this is ‘ok’ and it means the writer does an excellent job of making me care about the characters. One of the  little darlings almost always quietly stands up and grabs me a tissue so I don’t have to stop reading. Although the end of the story is triumphant in its message of redemption I will never forget one of my students reactions after I finished the final page. Tears filmed his large brown eyes as he looked up and me and sighed, “That story was heart breaking… but it was SO good” This is a book that imparts the magic of reading and it is therefore invaluable in a teacher’s arsenal of read alouds.

Popular author Kate DiCamillo created something truly magical in this tale of a hard hearted, egotistical toy rabbit whose life takes an unexpected turn that leads him on a beautiful,scary, and painful  journey of self discovery.  In the beginning of the story Edward Tulane is not capable of caring for anyone other than himself and he does not have an understanding that there is any other way of looking at the world.Although the main character is a toy, Edward’s personal realizations throughout the course of the story  ring true. Adults and children alike can sympathize with Edward’s heartaches and his loss of faith in humanity as his journeys intersect his life with both truly good and realistically wicked characters.  So to can the readers share in Edward’s joy at discovering the value of loving.

This is not just a children’s book but it should be read to children as often as possible. I also recommend it to any adult who asks what they should read next.

The characters and their trials ad triumphs are beautifully imagined and interconnected. The book seeks to impart the importance of love, even when love hurts.

If you don’t believe my personal review or it  seems to syrupy sweet- check it out of the library first. Just promise to let me know if you fall in love as I did and decide to purchase your own copy to read and reread again and again.

I have included some images of the beautifully painted and sketched  illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline below.



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