The Country Bunny and The Little Gold Shoes

My copy of the book smells like old library.

In this little Vintage Easter tale we get a taste of women’s liberation bunny style, made more interesting by the fact that the book was published in 1939.  Du Bose Heyward created a valiant and lovable heroine, whose strength of character is timeless.

The book casts aside the myth that one Easter bunny delivers all the lovely Easter eggs. There are five bunnies to do the work. The five live and work with wise old Grandfather bunny. When an Easter bunny becomes too slow and old they retire and another candidate takes his place.

The book begins with The Country Bunny, a.k.a Cottontail, as a young brown bunny dreaming dreams of being one of the five Easter bunnies. She grows up, marries, and suddenly has 21 little bunnies to take care of, with no husband in evidence on any of the pages.

As Cottontail’s children grow she teachers each of them how to be a good productive bunny citizen. Each bunny has a job to do to keep the house running smoothly. Now,one day word spreads through the forrest that one of the Easter Bunnies is retiring. Momma Cottontail gathers her whole brood and heads off to the grand Palace of the Easter Eggs. Cottontail’s confidence is low at first, compared to the other competitors she feels like a ‘old mother bunny.’ However,  Cottontail is chosen as the fifth Easter Bunny, and the first LADY Easter Bunny in history.

Right off Cottontail is given a special job: To deliver the most beautiful and delicate of all the eggs to a boy who has “been ill for an entire year, but has never once cried or complained.” Of course the boy also lives in a dangerous and remote location. Our girl Cottontail takes her mission and heads off into the night.

She hops, and hops, and hops, and hops. Then she reaches the mountains and hops some more. She attempts to make the final ascent to a small, snow covered cabin.Just as she is about to reach the top Cottontail slips and tumbles to the bottom of the mountain. She sits at the base of a tree, dejected, hurt,almost out of time, and feeling heartbroken at the idea that she has failed a small and ailing child.

***It is at this point you realize you are starting to tear up over a fictional Easter Bunny, but you won’t care. ***

Grandfather Bunny appears and acknowledges how BRAVE Cottontail is. He tells Cottontail he is making her his very own Gold Shoe Easter Bunny, and he kneels and puts a pair of fine gold shoes on Cottontail’s feet.

I won’t spoil anymore of the ending of book for but I will say that the gold shoes provide MEGA HOPS and you will not be disappointed with the ending!

I recommend this book for any little girl or boy who is doubtful about their ability to make their dreams come true and for any mom who feels like she is ‘just an old mother bunny.” Give the gift of inspiration with this gem of a book!

Fall in LOVE with the illustrations of Majorie Hack!!! SQUEE! She makes the pain and disappointment on the bunny faces real enough to make you empathize and cute enough to make you want to squeeze each cartoon bunny you see.


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