A Sick Day for Amos McGee

I first  saw this Caldecott Medal winner in the floor display at my school’s library. My first reaction was: ADORABLE ELEPHANT! ME WANT!

Upon closer inspection I saw that the adorable cover illustration was one of many things to love about this book. A Sick Day for Amos McGee written by Philip Stead, is the story of the responsible,prompt, and caring zoo keeper Amos McGee. We follow him on his work day from beginning to end where we  see how valuable Amos is to his various animal charges.  From a shy penguin to an owl who is afraid of the dark Amos finds ways to make all of the animals feel valued and appreciated. 

Amos is more than a zoo keeper, he is a wonderful friend.  When Amos wakes up too sick to go into work the animals decide to go and see him. All the care that Amos has lavished on them is returned as the animals spend the day nursing Amos back to health.

Phillip and Erin Stead have combined their talents to create a new classic tale that perfectly illustrates the values of ‘friendship’ for young children and any adults who may need some reminders. The heart of this story is the value of friends who understand us and our quirks.  Prepare to be enchanted.


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