This book smells like fresh card stock- crisp,new. Me…Jane is a short and sweet little treasure that was written and illustrated by Patrick McDonnell. It is the story of a young Dr.Jane Goodall observing her environment in England and dreaming of far away Africa. Her love of chimps started early when, at a young age, Jane was given a stuffed chimpanzee named Jubilee that became her constant companion. It describes Jane’s early quest for knowledge of animals of any sort and her first hand observations of exactly how eggs get outside of chickens.


McDonnell’s illustrations are utterly charming and accompanied by photographs of the woman herself.  It does not hurt to mention that it is a Caldecott Honor Book. This book is the perfect inspirational material for any little (or big) girls with big dreams.

“There are so many people who have dreamed seemingly unattainable dreams and, because they never gave up achieved their goals against all the odds, or blazed a path along which others could find and follow…They inspire me. They inspire those around them.”

Dr.Jane Gooddall



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