Phone Booth Chic

I was recently in New York and had my picture taken inside a phone booth because I realized a time may be coming soon when phone booths are gone from the streets and  seen only in museums. Although phone booths may be on the way out regarding their original purpose some of them may find new life as ‘guerilla libraries.’ Check out this link about how one man is turning the phone booths of New York into more than just would be museum pieces. 


Cover Art

Although it is often unwise to judge a book by it’s cover, sometimes the covers are too cute not to comment on! Check out these sweet and simple book covers for classic fairytales. A darling library edition to any library!

Book Artist!

Mind blowing! Atlanta based artist Brian Dettmer is creating amazing and unique art pieces by carving old books using surgical implements. Check out this link to learn more and to see more pictures! I am currently eyeing my old and long ignored textbooks with a renewed respect for their hidden potential.